Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Skittle flavor

So I was in the checkout isle at the grocery store and was looking around and was amazed to see a new color of skittles. Now I must say that Blue package skittles are m,y favorite but they are hard to find, but, seeing this new flavor I had to try it!!

WOW! I loved them. You have to try them!

Its also amazing how something like skittles makes you miss a friend. These skittles make me miss Joni who now lives in Connecticut. She loves skittles, but more than that, she LOVES her skittle combos. She will eat skittles in certain combos because they taste better. Her favorite is original red and yellow skittles eaten at a 1:1 ratio! These new skittles had to be inspired by her!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

And the Answer is........

I must say that Nate was the closest to getting the full name of our dog Doc correct. He guessed Dublin Dr Pepper Rex Sean Carroll. Here is the answer:

D.Doctor P.R.S. Carroll=

Dublin Doctor Pepper Rexington Sir Carroll

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doggy House

Sean is so great and built Doc a dog house. He started working Wednesday morning and it was complete enough so Doc could have somewhere to sleep the first night. It was in the garage but at least it was his home.

The house has a doggy door that we can latch shut. This came in handy most of all while the doggy house was in the garage. Today we moved the house to the backyard but we will still lock him in at night so that he gets used to going there to sleep.

As you can see Sean made the house so one side of the roof hinges up so we can get into the house if we need to.

We got him this cute pillow (which is obviously Dr Pepper red!!) which we think he likes. Right now we have to give him a treat to go inside, but once he is locked inside he is really good. he doesn't bang against the door or the walls.

All in all it turned out great. As you can see there are strips of plastic covering the door, this is so if it is raining and we are not home to shut the door, inside is pretty protected. We also stapled a strip of the same plastic on the top of the home so the water won't get in at the hinges and can still be opened.