Thursday, March 29, 2007

Digital Blasphemy

I was looking for cool wallpapers the other day, and a friend suggested that I check out digital blasphemy. I have to say, it is one of the coolest sites. It is all computer generated images, and there is about 10-15 that you can download for free. Man it is cool. Ya'll should check it out. I have linked the page.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Great and Mighty

Many great and mighty people have come before me, and shown me the way through life. I have learned much from these great people. My parents, teachers, friends, friends parents and many others. The one that has inspired me today is Cardine.

She is an ever so fabulous person. A little crazy (or alot, she does taxes) and that perhaps is one of the reasons that I dig her so. The degree of her insanity is nowhere near that of my own, but there are few in the world that earn that distinction, and most of them are in a home generally called the crazy house.

Cardine has inspired me. Yes it has taken some time for me to realize the degree of inspiration, and more importantly what to do with such inspiration, but I have finally done it. I set up a blog this week. I have failed to keep in contact on a regular basis with those whom I called friends in my past life (you know, the life I had before I was married, and still living in Cedar City). On the other hand, I do get updates from Cardine through her blog periodically (it is only periodical due to my lack of looking at it regularly) and so I know she is still around. She on the other hand probably has no idea that I am still in good health(despite all the chemical fumes).

So this is my answer.
I will follow in the footsteps of those great and mighty people who have come before me and seek to regularly post on this blog.

I bid you now a very fond adieu, and may those great and mighty guide you as they have me.