Thursday, December 6, 2007

You Say Slacking, I say effectivly doing other things!

ok, so perhaps I have slacked a little. My posting has gone from ever other month, to every third. Will it improve? you ask, perhaps it will now that we actually have internet at home now. Oh, how I really love having the internet at home, and oh how I have missed the glory of the great information age. Granted I have had internet at school, but how much do you think I do at school, that isn't school? I would answer that question, but that would give far to much away, and allow the mocking to begin.

So, what have I been doing you ask? Well, school really. My life is research. I could talk for quite some time about the success and failure of my reactions and the direction of my projects, but I see little point in doing so. That is the monotony of life, and I revel in the excitement of life, which exists on a number of different levels. The highest level is home. I love being home with Rachelle. We talk, watch TV, work of projects, and clean. No matter what, the house never actually seems like it stays clean for more than a day or two. Rachelle really has been pushing for us to keep it cleaner, but what can I say, we both hate cleaning. The great thing is that I love to have people over to visit, so that forces us to clean before they get there. Oh well, clean or not, I love our house.

We also have alot of projects that we do, particularly me. I love projects. One of the more recent ones would be the stump. What is the stump you ask, well, it is just that, a stump. It was cut about to the level of the ground, but not quite. So, when Rachelle was being so kind as to mow the lawn when I had to come to work on saturday, she ran over the stump, and it fought back. Sadly the lawnmower was the one that lost. A bent crank, and a new engine later (again, thanks Paul for hauling my lawnmower to and from the repair shop) and I decided I needed to dig out the stump. When I say dig out, I mean with a shovel, an axe and way to much sweat. It is now sitting in a hole with a mote around it due to the rain we have gotten, and I can't manage to get out there to finish digging it out. I think next time I will wait for the fourth of July and just use a few M80's on the thing.

I have to also say, that Rachelle does the most amazing job of making our house look festive. She really like decorating for pretty much every holiday, and I love it. We don't have much in the way of Thanksgiving stuff, but she is working on it. But, now that it is the Christmas season, the house is just full of christmas stuff, and I love it. On my next post, which may be later tonight, I will put up pics of the cool christmas tree and what not. Life rocks, and so I hope you all dig it as much as I do.