Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because You asked

So Funny Story. Apparently I have been neglecting my blog and don't update facebook enough. Below are two notes I received from a very concerned sister asking that I update:

"Celeste FisherRachelle Brewer Carroll:
Dear Mrs. Brewer Carroll. I see that there are some "recent" (as in not at all) albums of your farmville. As un-interested as I am in those (but I still love you), I am hoping that you will make an album with real people in it. Preferably with you and your husband. I would appreciate it, if you would do this as soon as possible. If this does not work for you, there is another way. If I remember right, (which I do), you have this thing called a BLOG that has not been updated sine February. Would you so kindly update that as well so I could feel like I know a little bit about what is going on. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I expect you to get to work.

Mrs. Brewer Fisher"

Followed by

"Celeste FisherRachelle Brewer Carroll:
Mrs. Brewer, I see that my last inquiry did not make an impression on you. I am not sure if you understand the importance of my previous message. I assume that you received my message, due to the activity on your current need to get bricks for a school house. I truly am grateful for the hard work you are doing in order to give back and build a school, but many of us are in need of an update. This will be the last "sincere" message I will send before the messages will get more severe. I recommend that you get to work on your facebook albums, with again, pictures of you and your husband and maybe throw in a few of you dog. As well as getting to work on your blog. Thank you for your time.
Celeste Fisher"

So because you asked, here is an update complete
with pictures of sean, me and the dog!!

So the most exciting thing going on in our lives right now is that you can buy Dr Pepper made with sugar at the store!! YEA!! Dr pepper is having their 125th b-day celebration by selling select cans of Dr Pepper with sugar!! YUMM!! Its so good. Anyway, they have 6 signature cans right now for the celebration. Right now we have 4 of them.


Recently Sean graduated from Texas A&M and received the coveted Aggie Ring. Here it is. The Aggie Ring is a great tradition here! It is the most recognized school ring in the world!!

Sean currently wears his hair spiky. I like it a lot!!

Sean cut himself shaving this morning! Ha Ha!

Sean is very obsessed with yellow shirts. Everywhere we go he is usually in yellow so we buy him new t-shirts any time we see a good one. This one says "I'm Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" So totally Sean.

Rachelle- Now about me....well

I recently got my hair permed. I really like it. Here it is, I like it. This is my hair wet before I have diffused it.

Here is my poor scabbed leg. So the mosquitoes out here love my blood. My blood is their form of crack cocaine (twilight reference). Since I am allergic to them they get really big and itch for two-three days. I try not to itch them but they usually turn into bleeders. The other day I had 4 big band-aids on to keep me from scratching.

I also like the color yellow. Here is my cute yellow toes.

What more can I say about me. Oh yeah, we have the cutest little puppy. Ok, so he is not a puppy and not little. I like to call him puppy though. This is Doc thinking that he should be able to lay on the coach too!!

Here is another shot of our crazy dog. He likes to play a game by himself where he lays on his back and tries to pick up the raw hide he dropped. Then he tries to chew on it up side down. So cute.

Well, I think that is all for now!! Hope this satisfied the need for an update :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rachelle's Birthday

Sean made a pretty awesome Favorite cake for me for my birthday!!

He made me a tennis court!! It was awesome! He used sweetish fish upside down to make the tennis court and used mini gummy bears as all the players and line judges. He also used sprinkles for all the audience members.

Inside the cake Sean made this delicious layer of melted reeses peanut butter cups and butter cream icing was to die for!!! He also colored the cake so it was purple and green!

Becca's Birthday

Becca's Birthday was this last September. Here is her favorite cake:

We made a mario cart race course incorporating her favorite things!! One of her favorite things is the game mario cart. Also featured is her favorite candy sour watermelons used to edge the court. There are also reeses peanut butter cups inside the cake.

For the course we used orange sandy candy. We entitled the course "mario cart- race for a cure" because Becca is very supportive of autism research and the autism foundation.

Lastly her favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys so it was only right that they sponsered the race!

Time to Update.....

So I have finally found some time to do some updates. There will be a bunch of blogs because I have taken a bunch of pictures and want to put them up!!! I am going to try to do them chronologically, but if not, you'll get over it!!