Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greetings from Texas where its warm...cold.....warm....cold......

So we are mostly enjoying the weather hear but it is quite odd. One day it will be around 65 in the morning and get up to 75 during the day. then the next day it will be 40 in the morning and high of 60 in the day. Each day when I get to work I have to change the heating/cooling unit from heat to cool and then the next day it will be 63 in the office when I get there and have to put the heat on.

Last weekend it was really nice outside and I planted my front flower beds!! Yes flowers!! I never knew this but there are certain flowers that you plant in jan-feb that bloom in the spring and then hibernate in the summer. It is really cool! (i'm a little worried the cold front will stunt their growth but we shall see)

Sean started school again this last monday, his schedule this semester leaves him a good amount of free time so he doesn't think he will be too stressed out. He is doing his research project this semester so that will be quite time consuming. For his project he took a lab that is taught in the Organic chemistry lab manual. He felt that it was insufficient and does not teach the topic as well as it could be taught. Originally the topic was covered in the organic class period and the lab was just application, but they no longer teach it in the classroom so that left the lab inadaquite. Sean has rewritten the lab and will be trying it out. So what he is doing is he wrote a prequiz that he will have all the students take to see what their current knowledge is on the topic. Half the students will then take the new lab and the other will take the already existing lab. After the lab sean has a test to test their knowledge again. After doing the data if it turns out that the lab he wrote is much better, the school will most likely incorporate it from now on. Its way exciting.

As for me, I was called to be the young womens camp director!! I am so excited!!! We had a retreat with the stake this last weekend with all the leaders and got to find out the theme, which is BE ALL YOU CAN BE, and about what the stake has planned. THere is a ranch out here that is ran by a very devout christian, its called Messiah's ranch and has cabins (air-conditioned by the way). They have gone ehre the last 2 years and have loved it. THis is where we are going this year. I am way excited and already have plans for it all!!

So thats kinda us, love you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Fish Tank is Growing..and Glowing

I love my new Fish Tank and have enjoyed getting more and more fish as the weeks have gone by. Right now I have 6 fish and 1 frog. Here are all of my fish

Burtis- Betta
Burtis is the grumpy old man

Tangi- Red Wag Platy
Tangi is all over the place-as long as that place has food

Zippy- Zebra Danio
Zippy is like a little child that won't hold still and has to touch everything. He's a hard one to get a picture of

Bubba- Balloon Belly Molly
Bubba is in a world of his own. He doesn't Really pay attention to the other fish, just mosies his way around.

Bengi- African Dwarf Frog
Bengi likes to hide in the castle all day, but sometimes he likes to spread out and float from the bottom of the tank to the top, then catch the current from the filter and float down.

Sunni- Orange Burst Glofish
Even though Sunni is a top tank area fish, she likes to roam around the bottom and go in and out of the plants.

Flash- Electric Green Glofish

Let me explain the glofish. They are actually just like zippy. Zebra Danios. They have been scientifically altered! Scientists createdthem to track bacteria in drains. People were so fascinated by them now they sell them. We have a black light on in this pic, we couldn't get a good pic with all the lights off and just the black light, but you can see it kinda glow in this one.