Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Potter Stinks"

However sad it may be, I have considered getting a badge like unto that made by the slytherins a few years ago that reads "Potter Stinks".

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the fictional character of Harry Potter, but the latest installment in the series that came out in the theaters not long ago deserves a good amount of criticism. In reality, I am somewhat of a Harry Potter fan. I started listening to the books a few years ago when I had to do alot of driving, and was sucked in rather quickly. I have each of the current six books in mp3 format on my computer, one I actually payed full price.

Despite the fact that I am not always a fan of the way J.K Rowling writes, and I feel that she showed quite a bit of her lack of experience in the first two books, her characters have not been the only ones to grow. She has grown a lot as a writer over the course of this series, and I am awaiting the final installment with bated breath.

The movies on the other had have serious issues. The changing of the castle grounds bothered me in the third movie, but I dig the new grounds. Also, the changing directors is driving me crazy. They all have to have their own vision, and hench have a tendency to change things that aren't broken. I would complain about the new Dumbledore, but the is kinda a pointless argument.

This brings me to the newest Harry Potter movie. I give it zero stars, two thumbs down, and rate it around 1 on a scale from 1-10. Needless to say I did not like it.

If you have not yet seen the newest Harry Potter movie, and wish
for me not to ruin anything, stop reading now!!!!!

Well, what can I say. It was only two and a half hours long, shorter than many of the "epic" type movies coming out these days. This is not in and of itself a problem, but the movie was lacking, and putting in a few extra things might have helped. Which brings up the next point; if you have read the book, the movie was lacking, and if you haven't much of it was ambiguous, and the story progression seemed to be more of an amorphis blob than a flow. Key characters were left out, which is going to make the next book, and more than likely seven, completely confusing as if it wasn't already.

Ok, so my major issues with the movie are:
The dementors both don't fly, and they are cloaked
Aunt Petunia did not receive the howler that she should have
There wasn't enough of Tonks
Dumbledore did not make Harry take oclamency the day he saw Aurthor Weasley hurt
It is O.W.L. not owl (like the nocturnal bird)
Fred and George would never disturb the actual O.W.L's(they don't care about grades, but they know others do)
Fred and George would never even leave unless quidditch was taken from them, which wasn't mentioned
Umbrage did not make the entire class write with their own blood
The final fight scene was absolute crap
It did not show any of the side rooms in the department of mysteries
Neither the Death-eaters, nor the order of the Phoenix turn into a crazy mist to fly around, and if they did, why didn't the Death-eaters just fly by Harry and take the prophecy?
Sirius was hit with a stunning spell, and fell into the archway, not the killing curse
The fountain of magical brethren took no part in the final fight with Voldemort
Ministry officials just randomly started showing up and happened to see Voldemort

Ok, that is enough. There are more issues, but I have not the time nor the patience to continue enumerating them. I am sufficiently frustrated as it is.

Needless to say, I love the Harry Potter books, and a very excited to get my pre-ordered copy of book seven, but I may not even see the next two movies, it was just that painful. So I guess I should change my badge and make it say "Warner Brothers Stinks"