Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallelujah, the prodical blogger returns

It seems like every time that I get on to blog, I am saying sorry for not blogging for so long. Nobody even checks this any more would be my bet, but hey, it is still fun anyhow, and I figured that an update would be nice and what not. So, here is what is going on with us. We had an interesting halloween. We like halloween, and if you would like to see all the really cool decorations that Rachelle made for this year, check out her really cool creativity blog.

We had a bit of a get together fiasco though. We were going to have a few friends over and get some jack-o-lanterns to breath fire. So, Rachelle was going to pick up the pumpkins right after work on friday, and I was going to get the dry ice that you need for good home made root beer. Needless to say, Rachelle tried 9 store to no avail, and I tried 3 and got the same result. So instead we just ended up eating the good food we made, and played Dr. Mario all night. It was still fun, especailly due to the dressing up.
Yeah, so needless to say, both Paul and Joni looked good, but their pet bumble bee looked awesome. I got a little hungry though, and had to open up the jelly belly's to get a snack.
So needless to say, that was a fun night.

We also have taken up a new fun hobbie. Plus, we also picked it so that we can get in shape. We bought road bikes. So, most of you know that I have been a mountain biker for years, and I have never really even considered being a road biker, but around here, there isn't much mountain biking to be done. So, we got Giant OCR1 road bikes. They are really nice, but were the '08 model, so we got a really good deal. Plus we got some really cool hoists to put them in the garage, and have some room to actually walk around.

They are basically the same bike. Rachelle's has a different seat, toe clips as opposed to my clipless. And then we have her headset is set positive, and mine is set negative. We both have cyclocomputers, and then I have a saddle pack to hold the tools that we need in case we have any problems on the road. We have been a few rides, and Rachelle is really starting to get the hang of it. It took me a while to realize how much I know about bikes. I love bikes. So, needless to say, I am really happy about the fact that we are now bikers, and I have to say that we look really good in biking clothes.

We also went to the TRF, which is the Texas Rennisance Festival. It is the larges ren fair in the country, or so I am told. It was, as usual, a blast. We of course dressed up, as usual.
It was fantasy weekend, so we did the fun colored hair. We got me a rapier, and Rachelle a stiletto. Plus we also got her a Bodice. Next year we want to get her a dress, and me a good frog for my sword and possibly a dagger. Man, I love dressing up. It is just fun. Well, other than that, we are just working from day to day, and trying to stay caught up with life. We are having fun, and Rachelle is finally starting to like Texas a bit, but we still hate the fact that there are no mountains here. Oh well, life is still good, and oh yeah, we finally got our bathroom fixed. Maybe I will blog about that later, but then with my record, who know how long that will take.

Hope you all are doing awesome.