Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snack in the Dark

So....what do you do when the power goes out and you want a snack..and not just any snack, you want chili with frito chips. We had left over chili in the fridge (and on top of that it was Nalley's chili!!)

Side note: so in Texas, they do not sell Nalleys chili anywhere! it is my favorate canned chili but for three years I have not had it at all. I had to find a new brand, Wolf, that is good but not as. Well the other day I was walking in the store and BAM Nalley's chili. They were giant cans only but I couldn't resist!!!

Ok, back to the story!! You may be wondering why the power was out. We don't know, we were just sitting watching American Idol results and it went dark! The power was out for about an hour. So, here I was in a candle lit room and with cold chili. My wonderful husband got an idea. We happen to have a cast iron skillet. He got it out, assembled some candles and glasses and set it up. The lighted picture was actually taken in the dark, Becca's camera happens to have a really bright flash!!

So, we let the chili warm for like twenty minutes and it was perfect!!! YUM!!
We are also thankful to grandma who sent us a wind up light lantern (though we forgot where we put it and it took ten minutes to find and get out of the box.....but it was nice to have. We played cards by lantern light until the power came on. It was great fun!!