Thursday, September 13, 2007

Progress? Well, I am still alive, is that progress?

The semester has again begun, and the dread of having a much fuller schedule has fallen upon me, but suprisingly enough, I am not as stressed as I expected. Life is quite good, and chemistry is ever progressing. If you really want to know more about my chemistry though, you will have to come to my group meeting. It is thrilling each and every week.

So, life. What should I say. Rachelle and I own a house now. Yes, you all know that, but I am still excited about it. Plus I feel that I have neglected you all in telling you what owning a house is like for us. Well, I get to mow the lawn, which is a very gratifying thing for me. It is my yard. Don't get me wrong, I "loved" mowing the lawn for my parents growing up, but this is OUR lawn. Oh the glory.

Plus, we finally painted our front room. It is awesome! Actually, we painted it, and then sponged it with a darker color. The base is a light blueish gray color, and then we sponged to opposite walls with a really cool dark blue. Man I love it. It really makes our family room feel like home. We still have alot of work to do on the bathrooms especially. They have really bad wallpaper, and worse wallpaper underneath. Oh well, the glory of owning a house is also all the work you get to do to make it better, and make it your own.

So, more important things must be mentioned. I will post pics of the house at some point, just not yet. But I have to say, our new ward (well, kinda new, we have been here a few months) is awesome!!! Don't get me wrong, our old ward here in the area was great, but the Bryan Ward is just cool.

We have neighbors for the next year, roughly, Mike and Mindy Williams. They just had an adorable little girl. It is quite exciting. It is really nice to have someone in the ward so close, the only sad thing is that Mike will be getting his Degree in Mechanical engineering in May, and they will be running away, but we still love them.

Not long after we moved into the ward, there was another couple that moved into the ward, Paul and Joni Moore. We also hang out with them fairly often. In fact I happen to have a pic of the four of us, on the phoof of course.

Actually, you can see the pimped out superawesomecool paint job if you look behind us. Man that looks good!

Needless to say, this pic was taken a while ago, and I told the Moores that I would put it up, and I finally have. Sorry about the whole taking forever thing, not to mention the whole not bloggina for 2 months. Man I suck. We shall see if I can get better at that.