Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five Months Of Samantha

I decided that I was never going to really catch up so instead of always being behind I am going to do one blog of the first five months of Samantha in pictures.

These first pictures are from Samantha's newborn photo shoot. (they are unedited but still really cute!)

The picture Sean wanted the most at the photo shoot was Sammy holding his Aggie Ring. For his birthday I decided to edit the picture to make it blank and white except for her Maroon bow and gold Aggie ring. It is in his classroom at school.
Here is Samantha in her first Month of life
One Month Old Today! September 15th.Spending time with Grandpa Bear. (Great-Grandpa Carroll)
Falling asleep on the couchHanging out with Aunt Lisa
BABY BLESSING!! Samantha's Great-Grandma Maxwell knitted her blessing dress and blanket. Her Aunt Shantelle made her bow. She looked beautiful.Two months Old today! October 15th
Falling asleep froggy style.
For Halloween Grammy Maxwell bought her a lady bug costume. Adorable.
Sean went as Captain Hammer at school. (another teacher went as Dr. Horrible). Here is Sean saving the day and rescuing the little lady bug.
Sammy likes to put everything in her mouth. Here she is chomping on her tummy time pillow
Three months old today! November 15thCaught in the act. She likes sitting in her bumbo, and loves even more reaching for everything on the counter.
At school the teachers had a door decorating contest. Sean took this picture, got it printed as an 8 X 10 and put a santa hat on top and jingle bells glued to Sammy's hands. The caption read "Christmas Carroll with a little jingle."At the ward Christmas party Sammy got to meet Santa for the first time. She did great!
We got the most amazing opportunity to be Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Santa came in and sang silent night to baby Jesus.Here is her pretty purple dress she got from Great-Grandma Brewer.
Four months old today! December 15th
Hanging out chewing on my bow!
Christmas night..... so tired, good thing she got a pillow pet from Great-Grandma Kunzi
Christmas time in Cedar City.Hello!! Five months old today! January 15th
First time eating rice cereal.
So that's pretty much whats been going on with us for the last five months.