Monday, September 7, 2009

Sean's Birthday

We had a great weekend and were able to celebrate Sean's 1st Anniversary of his 29th birthday!!

We started the evening with going to first Friday. This is down in downtown Bryan where the first friday of every month there are bands playing and activities. We had a lot of fun at the soda fountain that has dublin Dr pepper shakes. YUM!!!

Next we headed to Carino's for dinner. This is Sean's favorite restaurant, mostly because they have Italian sodas that have free refills!

The best part of Sean's birthday was the prochector party back at our house. Sean built this screen using a sheet, two 2x1x8 wood., a staple gun and chain to hang it from the ceiling. It was pretty awesome!!! We had lots of fun all weekend playing mario cart, Dr Mario, and rock band!!

Sean also got a couple of birthday gifts

Cold weather biking pants (since he is biking to work 4 times a week)

Bike rack

and bike rack bags so he no longer has to use his back pack.

Now no birthday could be complete without a Favorite Cake. Here is Sean's favorite Cake!! Let me explain the elements!!

First we have Seans signature personal theme "I am a Beacon" Sean's favorite color is yellow. Also we have his favorite catch'll have to read that for yourself

This is Sean being a beacon

And this is his beacon candle. Standing guard of his beacon candle is his killer bunnies (I used army men and topped them off with bunny gummie heads!)

Sean also loves biking! With his new job he is biking to work 4 times a week! (This is a motorcycle but it had to do since I could not find a miniature toy bike.)

The last element on the outside of the cake is Sean's Cranny. If you don't know Travian, this won't make sense. This is like a "nook and cranny" a hiding place!

Lastly, the inside of the cake. Sean requested a checkered cake. It turned out cool! The layers in between the cake is whipped cream with crushed up 100 grand candy bars. It was a great success.