Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Memory of our Beloved Doc


Its been almost two weeks now since we lost our wonderful dog Doc. On March 14th we woke to find Doc and his buddy Jazz (my sister's dog) had both died during the night in their dog house. We are not sure of the circumstances that caused their death, only that they are gone and gone together. 

We all mourn in different ways. Sean mourns by busying himself with work. He and my brother-in-law had the task of taking care of the dogs. It was really hard on my brother-in-law so Sean offered to take the dogs. There are still times when I look outside expecting to see the dogs. Doc would come and sit by the windowsill when i was in the kitchen cleaning or making dinner. Sometimes when I am in there a shadow from the tree makes me look up expecting to see both dogs.....but it is just the tree.

For me, I am most sad because of all the things I wanted for Doc. I haven't spent much time with him this winter since having Sammy. I was looking forward to the warm weather so we could go on walks, go to the dog park, or just hang out in the yard. I was excited for Samantha to have the interaction with the dogs and have Doc learn to be a calmer dog.

I wanted to post a bunch of pictures of Doc to remember him by so here is a ton of pictures of our dog.

 This blanket became his blanket....until he tore it up so bad we ended up having to get rid of it.

 In Texas we had a large backyard great for playing fetch. Here are some shots of Doc playing fetch with his knotted rope.

 We started letting Doc in the house (even though he was strictly an outdoor dog) because the mosquito's in Texas were so bad that I couldn't handle spending time in the backyard during spring and fall. We had a big field behind our yard and the mosquito's were horrible. One thing Doc realized was that he loved to climb under our bed. He thought it was so much fun. He would then stick his head out to see where we were. Sean wasn't a fan but I thought it was funny.

 Doc actually liked sleeping in enclosed spaces. He did better at night if he was locked in his kennel or locked in his house that we eventually built for the backyard. He didn't mind his kennel. At night we trained him that he would get a biscuit if he went right in and laid down. It was never a struggle to get him to go to bed.

Our friend Becca had an Australian Shepard named Max. They had a lot of fun playing together. They would wrestle or play tug o war with the rope. We liked when they came over to play or when we would meet at the dog park. Our friends Stacey and Michael also had a dog named Angel. She always acted as the referee.

 This is my favorite picture of Doc. It just shows what a happy dog he was. While we were in Texas Sean and I worked full time. When I would get home from work and walk in the door from the garage Doc could see me from outside. He would immediately start jumping up and down excited to see me and knowing that I was going to let him inside.

Stacey and Michael watched Doc for us while we went on our cruise. Here is a pic of Doc and Angel taking a nap after playing together.
While Stacey and Michael were watching Doc they went up to Ft. Worth. It had snowed and Doc went wild! He also loved playing with the Golden Retriever.
 Doc always had his spot inside our house in Texas. Here is his little bed that he loved. Even though he had his spot, he would often migrate closer and closer to the couch trying to get closer to us.

When we moved to Utah, my sister was kind enough to let us have Doc at their house. They also had a lab named Jazz. A few months after we moved Sean and Doc to Utah, I got our Texas house sold and we moved into my sister's basement apartment. Jazz and Doc had a huge backyard to play in, and they did. They definitely became best friends. We had fun taking both dogs to the dog park or playing fetch with them in the yard. Here are a couple of pictures we took of the dogs taking a nap. Sadly these are the only pictures we have of the two dogs together.
 The Sunday before Doc died, we all went for an evening walk. The Ericson's and Jazz, us and Doc. I took the camera because I wanted more pictures of me and Sammy together so I made Sean take a picture of her and me. Then I asked Sean if he wanted a picture of him and Doc. He said no. I said that I wanted a picture of him and Doc and made him take these pictures. Who knew we were capturing our last moments with him

Doc was a good dog. We loved him very much and are sad to be without him.

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