Monday, April 21, 2008

NOOO! Not summer, anything but Summer!!

For the past month, the weather here has been awesome. I love the whole 70-80 degree thing, and the nights are pretty cool, mostly around 60. It has been really quite nice. Relaxing in the awesome hammock is the coolest, and working in the yard is not torture. Oh the great spring weather in Texas.

But, this morning I woke up to something quite disturbing. It was warmer outside than it was inside at 8 in the morning, which can mean only one thing. Summer. (if you listen carefully enough, you can hear a piece of me dying) I hate Texas summers. They are hot, they are humid, I am sticky, and there is no relief unless you have air conditioning. The shade is the same temperature as in the sun. It is just wrong. (more dying)

I have only one hope, fall. It is now only a short 7 or so months away. I now begin the long trek through summer, and hope that dehydration does not take me before I get to fall. It very well may, and I may welcome it, it depends on how hot it gets this year. I pray for rain. Please, if you call yourself friend, pray with me.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The epic battle continues

I have finally gotten around to putting music on my blog. Do I dig, it? Well, it doesn't really matter, because I do not have speakers on my computer at work were I normally check blogs, so it does nothing in respect to my own listening experience. Not to mention I am usually listening to my sansa when I am at work any way. So, I really did it for you, my dedicated readers (all three of you), so I hope you like it. I am more than willing to change the playlist to suit your own fancy, so go ahead and fill me in on the changes you want.

There is one part about the music that does bother me, granted, it has nothing to do with the music itself. I use Mozilla Firefox for all my web browsing needs. I am well aware of the fact that most use Internet explorer, and I used to be one of them. I have been converted by firefox. It is awesome, and I love all the features it has, not to mention it is way more user friendly than explorer. So, I use it almost exclusively. There are two things that firefox does not due the way I like it. First, the music on blogs overlaps onto the posts, which makes it really hard to read at times. The second is launchcast radio. It is only compatable with explorer. I hate both, so the battle continues, will I use firefox because it rocks, or will I use explorer because everyone else does. Well, most of you are very aware of the fact that I do not always do what everyone else does, so I will stick with firefox, unless I am using launchcast, which is pretty seldom anyhow.

I would also at this time like to encourage all of you to go ahead and try firefox. It is awesome. Plus if you like to listen to music while you are online, you can also put on foxytune which allows you to change your music (track, pause, volume, etc.) right from the bottom corner of you browser. Man I dig computers!!